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Multicultural Services

Our Multicultural Services support and empower humanitarian entrants, refugees, and other permanent migrants and their communities. Our mission is to facilitate their successful integration into Australian society, promoting diversity and inclusion within the Northern Beaches. To achieve these objectives, we provide comprehensive case management and implement programs that foster enhanced social participation and community connections, increased sense of belonging, improved economic and personal well-being and greater independence.

Did you know…

We offer support in several ways, including:

Multicultural Directory

As a member of the Northern Beaches Multicultural Network we partnered with Northern Beaches Council to produce a Multicultural Directory for the Northern Beaches in several languages.

Contact Northern Beaches Multicultural Network: nbmulticultural@gmail.com

My Settlement Journey

Stepping into a New World

My Settlement Journey is a collection of personal settlement stories on the Northern Beaches. Storytellers from Tibet, Germany, Japan, Czech Republic, Sicily, and South America met with volunteer writers from the local community to share their stories about how they overcame the challenges of settling into a new country.

A Journey From Tibet To Australia

Download a free PDF book documenting the incredible journey of one man from Tibet to Australia, produced by Multicultural Services at Community Northern Beaches.

ESL Mentoring Program

ESL program involves a volunteer being matched with a local migrant or refugee with the aim of them meeting once per week in a public place to participate in an everyday situation such as having a coffee or shopping. The goal of this program is simply to ensure new migrants have enough conversational English to feel confident in everyday situations and job interviews and be able to follow instructions when offered a position. Participants on both sides of this program find the experience of connecting with one another rewarding. If you are interested in learning more, please click the button below to get in touch.

Driving Program

We coordinate driving lessons using a CNB car with the assistance of volunteers. Our goal is to support newly settled refugees obtain their driver licence to remove a barrier to employment and promote greater independence and mobility.

NSW Driver Licensing Rules

Community Northern Beaches assisted Northern Beaches Council in developing the NSW Driver Licensing Rules brochure in Tibetan.

Homework Club

The Homework Club supports children whose parents are not fluent in English, helping them overcome language barriers and improve their academic performance. This program builds confidence and encourages children to reach their full potential. If you are interested in finding out more, please click the button below to get in touch.

Tibetan Community Swim Program

Water Skills for Life are committed to educating the Tibetan and other CALD communities, who may be at risk on our beaches without proper education and training. They are working closely with the Tibetan Community of Australia and Community Northern Beaches to provide programs that will develop water awareness, swimming and water safety skills.

Water Skills For Life website:


Contact Multicultural Services

Multicultural Services and Community Hub in Brookvale:

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