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Formerly Community Northern Beaches

Family, Child and Youth

We deliver programs under the NSW Government’s Targeted Earlier Intervention initiative, supporting people early on to make the biggest difference and enabling them to live a safe, stable, and happy life.

We recognise that education plays a part in shaping the well-being of teenagers from a physical and psychological safety perspective. In conjunction with the Love Bites program, we are dedicated to creating impactful, needs-based workshops tailored for high school students navigating friendships, relationships, self-esteem, building resilience and emotional literacy. We recognise the inherent challenge of teachers as accidental counsellors and teenagers frequently disengaging from families, resorting to self-directed learning through platforms such as TikTok. At LocalKind, we aim to address these challenges by partnering with other local service providers to provide support, education, and delivery of these workshops across various high schools.

Beyond the Gloves

Beyond the Gloves is a free program that empowers young girls between the ages of 12-18 through physical exercise and mentoring. This builds resilience, self-esteem and confidence and promotes body positivity and mental fitness. This results in increased school attendance, motivation, meaningful connections and peer support and improved relationships.

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Love Bites

Love Bites is a respectful relationships education program for young people aged 15-17 years. The program aims to provide young people with a safe environment to examine, discuss and explore respectful relationships and empower them to choose relationships free from violence and abuse.

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Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits provides young people with life skills and knowledge in a range of areas, including body positivity, self-esteem, healthy relationships, mental fitness, resilience, communicating feelings, motivation, goal-setting, school organisation, social media EQ, nutrition education, and managing and prioritising tasks.

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Raise Youth Mentoring

In collaboration with Raise Foundation, we provide youth mentors in Northern Beaches highschools. The aim is to equip young people with the tools, skills and resources they need when facing challenges including depression, anxiety, bullying and fear of the future. The impacts of mentoring helps young people stay connected and engaged with school.

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