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Leave a Lasting Legacy with LocalKind Northern Beaches

At LocalKind Northern Beaches, we believe in the power of community and the enduring impact of kindness. By including LocalKind in your will or estate plans, you can leave a lasting legacy that supports our work of providing no-strings-attached support to those in need within our community.

Here is how you can leave a legacy of KINDNESS


After ensuring your loved ones are provided for in your will, consider allocating a portion of your remaining estate to support the impactful initiatives of LocalKind. 


You may leave a specific sum or particular assets to LocalKind, directly supporting our organisation.


Consider designating a percentage of your estate to LocalKind. This flexible option ensures that your gift maintains its value relative to your total assets, accounting for inflation or changes over time.


Next steps to legacy KINDNESS

If you already have a will, it’s simple to add LocalKind with help from your solicitor. If you don’t have a will, seek advice to create one, ensuring your wishes are legally documented. Consider discussing including LocalKind with your loved ones to explain your decision.

Making your Will

To include your chosen gift to LocalKind when you write your Will, provide your solicitor with the following wording:

“I ………………bequeath to LocalKind Northern Beaches ABN 77 721 844 221 (insert the percentage or residue of your client’s estate, or the amount of money your client wishes to leave). My bequest is to be used for the general purposes of LocalKind. I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or other proper officer shall be a complete discharge of my bequest.”


More questions 

You are most welcome to contact us and speak to our CEO or Head of Growth if you want to learn more about our organisation and work please call us on (02) 9977 1066 or email: info@localkind.org.au


“I’ve experienced so much joy volunteering, whether it’s monumental when someone has permanent living arrangements found for them or something as simple as a pair of shoes fitting. It’s big smiles all around, celebration, and then let’s add some socks to the shoes and blankets for the new bed.”


For all other enquiries, please use this contact form below.