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Formerly Community Northern Beaches

Sarah* was suffering from psychological abuse inflicted by her husband. Sarah arrived at our drop-in centre one day in 2022, asking for help. To begin with, Natalie and the team were her only source of support because Sarah refused to involve any other services. During this time, we provided emotional support and practical help in the form of vouchers and produce from our pantry.
Slowly, over time, we gained Sarah’s trust. This then enabled us to introduce her to the Horizons Family Law Centre, Lifeline Counselling, and Lifeline Northern Beaches Financial Counselling, who could provide specialist advice. We were also able to assist Sarah in obtaining victim services and an escaping violence payment in preparation for when she and her children leave the family home. Sarah has now also allowed us to approach our network partner, Women & Children First, who are providing outreach services and are on standby to swing into action as soon as Sarah is ready to leave.