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Peter* may not be the typical, commonly depicted version of someone suffering from domestic violence or coercive control. Peter has been experiencing post-separation violence for over 10 years, which has left him living in a damp and mouldy dwelling. He faces visa issues because of his ex-wife’s deliberately malicious letters to the immigration authorities and is picking up whatever work he can find for very low pay. His ex-wife has also moved to an unknown interstate address with his young child and has illegally prevented any contact between the father and his
Peter has been coming to LocalKind for years because the system is not geared up for victims like him. We provide him with vouchers and food from our pantry while we work with local political figures to try and address his visa and parental status. Our support worker, Natalie is also working on arranging an emergency payout for him from a network service to help him afford essentials, and linking him with services such as our Community Hub partner Mentoring Men and other support services to address isolation and improve his mental health.
Through no fault of his own, Peter finds his life destroyed and his mental health severely compromised. While domestic violence is often thought of as only impacting women, 1 in 8 men in NSW also face DV in NSW, and LocalKind wants people to know you are not alone.