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Meet Kate*, a woman in her 50s. Kate has been a victim-survivor of domestic violence for 30 years but has only more recently made the break and left her abusive husband. Unfortunately for Kate, that bravery has yet to lead to a happy ending. On a jobseeker allowance, Kate has had to move into shared accommodation where she doesn’t feel safe. Her fear is compounded by a private health fund breaching privacy laws, allowing her husband to find her new address. Kate wants to stay in the area she knows and loves but can’t afford anything suitable to live independently in recovery from violence. Because she has a roof over her head, Kate is not yet eligible for emergency accommodation, though she does want to leave where she currently resides. She has complex mental health issues, including PTSD, which makes it difficult for her to attend appointments and engage with services. She relies on LocalKind for emotional and day-to-day support, and the team also advocates for her to receive DV payments and liaises on her behalf with a variety of services, including applying for housing and financial counselling.