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Formerly Community Northern Beaches

We are now LocalKind Northern Beaches (formerly Community Northern Beaches)!

Community Northern Beaches (CNB) has evolved into LocalKind Northern Beaches, a transformative shift that reflects our core values and mission. LocalKind encapsulates the essence of giving, wellness, and community kindness while ensuring continuity in the services we provide to the community. This transition solidifies our unwavering dedication to supporting and responding to community needs.

LocalKind isn’t merely a rebranding; it’s a movement dedicated to improving the well-being of the entire community by cultivating a culture of kindness. This movement aims to unite individuals and entities committed to fostering a culture of kindness and support within our community. In a world where you can be anything, LocalKind asks people to be kind and help change a local‘s life. It signifies a collaborative effort, showcasing the strength of collective action and shared values. Some research suggests that acts of kindness can positively impact both the giver and the recipient, contributing to improved immune function, lower blood pressure, enhanced emotional well-being, and, potentially, better overall health.

This change is driven by our mission and drive to provide no-strings-attached support to the most vulnerable in the community, which requires sustainable and recurring funding.

The transition to LocalKind was made possible by the invaluable expert pro-bono guidance from a local Senior Brand Strategist and various local business leaders and community members. Their generous support exemplifies the “LocalKind” ethos, demonstrating how the community comes together to support charitable causes and amplify our impact.

We would like to especially thank the following who have given free and generously of their time, resources, and expertise:
● Online Projects – New website design and development
● John Cunningham (Ambassador) – Strategy and business advice, community consultation
● Angie French – Senior Brand Strategist (Brainchild behind LocalKind)
● Budgy Smugglers – Exciting collaboration to come, so watch this space
● Caro Latorraca – Senior Graphic Designer – branding guidelines development
● Sue Rice -Senior PR Executive – Communications and PR advice and development
● Philip Macken – Special Counsel (Trademark and Intellectual Property)

On Monday, January 29, 2024, CNB will officially transform into LocalKind Northern Beaches, while our legal entity remains Community Northern Beaches Inc. The Board and I are thrilled to embark on this exciting new journey.


Warm regards,


Craig Stevens
CEO, LocalKind Northern Beaches (formerly Community Northern Beaches)


Why the change?
Following extensive community and stakeholder feedback, as well as expert advice, we’ve gained valuable insights. While Community Northern Beaches (CNB) has significantly raised its profile and awareness over the last two years, a substantial number of individuals either do not know us or mistake us for entities like the Northern Beaches Council, Northern Beaches Library or Community Care Northern Beaches (CCNB) due to the similarity in our name and logo.

It became evident that adopting a more distinct and memorable name was necessary to expand our reach and secure increased financial support. The new name, LocalKind Northern Beaches, encapsulates our services and embodies a movement we aspire to create—a culture of kindness and community support.

It’s also designed as a call to action. We know there are people and companies within our community who want to make a genuine difference but just don’t know where to start. LocalKind begins a conversation around ‘locals helping locals’ – and we think that’s a great place to start. We hope that, over time, the new name becomes part of the local Northern Beaches vernacular. A ‘LocalKind of thing’. E.g. LocalKind of Business, LocalKind of Supporter.


By rebranding, we aim to enhance our name recognition and saliency, which, in turn, builds greater awareness and credibility within the community. This transition signifies more than just a name change; it’s a strategic step toward fostering a more robust identity that aligns with our mission and values. LocalKind Northern Beaches represents our commitment to what we do and the inclusive and compassionate movement we strive to cultivate within our community. This change aligns well with the goals and aspirations of the 2023-2026 CNB Strategic Plan, especially in the areas of financial sustainability & amplifying our voice.

Was any money spent on this?
LocalKind Northern Beaches’ transition involved minimal costs, totalling less than $1,000 allocated to produce new business cards, trademarking and ASIC registration. The substantial support for this rebranding initiative came entirely through generous pro-bono contributions. The expertise, time, and resources provided by a local Senior Brand Strategist, local business leaders, and other experts were given wholeheartedly, without any monetary exchange.

Are the services changing?
There are no plans for this to occur, and the name change isn’t reflecting any changes to current service delivery: providing support to people experiencing social isolation, homelessness, domestic and family violence, youth, refugees and migrants. In line with the strategic plan, we aim to deliver services responsive to community needs. However, it’s essential to note that funding considerations can influence and dictate the scope of our services. Our strategic plan outlines that we will continue aligning our services with community needs.