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Formerly Community Northern Beaches

Friday 17 May - Saturday 18 May, 2024

Shop For Good - Business Marketing Assets

While LocalKind will do our own promotions, the assets below are for you if you want to market the event both in-home, digitally or externally. We’d suggest you print some of the ‘Trailblaze’ event logos and the A4 to put in your establishment to ‘carry the banner’ or Shop for Good weekend.  Feel free to contact Daniel at shopforgood@localkind.org.au with any comments or questions.

A4 in-Home Event Sign

For you to print and display in your establishment before and during the event. Laminate or put in perspex stand. You can add your own logo bottom right.

A4 Event Sign v1 (PDF)

A4 Event Sign v1 (PNG)

A4 Event Sign v2 (PDF)

A4 Event Sign v2 (PNG)

'Trailblaze' event Signs

‘Trailblaze’ signs to print out and put on your door, window and/or in your establishment to indicate your event participation.

Several PDF options – print the ones you like

Social Media Assets

Website Banners

If you want to create your own event webpage for Shop for Good, this is for you.

Web banner assets to make your own webpage

LocalKind logos

LocalKind Logos for you to incorporate into your website or your own artwork

Black Logo 1

Black Logo 2

White Logo 1

White Logo 2

LocalKind Brand Elements

LocalKind branded elements for you to incorporate into your website or your own artwork

Branded Line 1

Branded Line 2

Beach Girls Banner

Kind Woman Banner

Where Locals go for Help Banner

Anything Else you need?

If you need anything else, please let us know with a request to shopforgood@localkind.org.au