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Become a Member of the Association

We welcome kind and compassionate individuals to consider applying to be a member of the organisation. At LocalKind, we’re a compassionate community-based organisation dedicated to supporting vulnerable members of our community. If you are committed to your community, value good governance, and share our mission, values, and vision, the Board of LocalKind welcomes you to apply for membership. As per our constitution, community members may apply to become members. To join, simply fill out a membership application form and obtain signatures from two individuals associated with LocalKind who know you. Following this, one or two board members will converse with you to discuss your interest in joining as a member. This process ensures that our members share in our mission of kindness and have the community’s best interests at heart. There is a nominal fee of $20.00 per financial year.
  • Your membership fee directly supports our organisation’s mission by funding vital support services for those in need within our community.
  • As a member, you play a crucial role in ensuring that LocalKind remains committed to its mission and values, actively contributing to the positive impact we make in the community.
  • Membership grants invitations to exclusive events throughout the year, providing opportunities to connect with fellow members, volunteers, and community partners.
  • Exercise your democratic right as a member by participating in the annual election of board members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), shaping the future direction of LocalKind.
  • Join us in spreading kindness and compassion throughout the community by actively participating in our initiatives and programs, making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.

Please request a membership form below and return it to us for processing.

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