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For some, what happens behind closed doors is often a very different reality.


Suzanne has a beautiful house, gorgeous children going to the right schools, paid for by the charming husband who everyone likes. Their marriage is the envy of all their friends. The publicly attentive and loving husband. However, behind closed doors it is a different story….

The husband likes rough sex, really rough sex. No-one sees the marks around Suzanne’s neck she hides with beautiful scarves or understands why she never wears shorts or sleeveless clothing.

Suzanne does not know she has a choice to leave. She does not know that this behaviour has a name She does not know that she has a right to a life with healthy interaction and mutual respect. She does not know that she has the right to choose who her friends are, and when she can see them.

Suzanne does not know she has the right to know how much her husband earns, with transparency and access to their financial affairs. She does not know how much longer she can do this or how she can leave. She is too ashamed and embarrassed to tell anyone. What would their friends think? She must be crazy to leave such a wonderful life.

If you or someone you know can see a little or a lot of their personal story in Suzanne’s, Community Northern Beaches is here to help. The name for this behaviour is abuse and Community Northern Beaches’ team of qualified professionals are here to help people such as Suzanne rebuild their lives and learn that they deserve only healthy relationships. We understand that the journey will not be an easy one, but we will be there every step of the way.

If you would like to know more, please drop into our centre Mon-Fri 10am-3pm or call us on 9977 1066.

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